DG Baccarat betting
DG Baccarat betting

DG Baccarat betting

DG Baccarat betting schedule

Important TIP for the next three routes of DG baccarat
1 Use the gadgets of Xianwen Road or Zhuangwen Road: It is very important to know how to use this function. When using it, the three channels will each show whether they are opened according to the rules.
2 When entering the venue, first observe the four routes: the main road is given priority, and then look at the trend of the three routes. As long as there is a long dragon on one route, single jump or double jump, the route will be the priority.
3 The top road appears: when the big road and the three roads conflict, or the three roads appear with different colors (representing the contradiction of the three roads),
This is called the top road, and the next hand has a very high probability of a pair or a tie. Take advantage of the opportunity to bet 10 against you.

  1. Observe the changes of the big road and the three roads: When the big road starts to grow, long idle, double jump, and single jump, you can follow the road and stop sticking to the law of the three roads.
    5 Pay attention to the movement of other rooms: when other game rooms appear, move quickly, you have a good chance to keep up with the long dragon!
  2. Use these skills to match the next three ways to create a stable winning style
    After reading the previous teaching, you may feel that it is necessary to learn so much just to play DG baccarat?
    Dai Zilang has a classic saying: without research, investment is gambling; with research, gambling is investment, so if you want to make money, don’t miss the most important part!
    After learning the next three ways, please follow these skills, and let 55% of the profit increase the horsepower by 70%!

3-1 Double bet on the opening of the banker: When there is a banker, please be sure to use the extra bet in the first three games, which can allow you to accumulate profits quickly.
3-2 There is no need to deliberately study the “and” game: when analyzing the cards of the big road and the lower three,
There is no need to deliberately study the three treasures ((zhuang pair, player pair, draw)), although the odds are high, the probability of opening is not high, which is a bit of a waste of time.
3-3 “Staircase cable” is the most recommended betting method for overweight: there are thousands of overweight methods, which all sound reasonable, but the ladder type
The highest recommendation is to stop after the 5th time. It is less stressful and less over-capital to play. It is more suitable for the general public.

DG Baccarat Double Pressure Method: Stair Cable

3-4 Please do not play in the following three situations:
A A newly opened hand, because there is no card road to see
B Rapid DG baccarat, short betting time, unable to think about the card path
C When encountering the end table, it is usually meaningless to see the way in the game that is already over
3-5 Seize good luck and lock in profits. I often hear that people who play DG baccarat can have millions of lives overnight because,
Have you ever encountered a time when your luck is super prosperous and you will be smooth no matter how you go down, and the strong luck in this overall situation will make you rise step by step,
This time is the so-called time to win and lose to shrink! When the time comes, be sure to seize the opportunity to focus on the cat!

Online DG Baccarat wins and loses
The above is the easiest way for Xiaobian to explain the most commonly used skills of DG baccarat masters, and they have all been tested in actual combat.
As long as you don’t get greedy and don’t mess with the road list, it’s not a dream to make a steady profit!! With technology, there is also a stage to play. Natural selection is a good place for your actual combat.
The DG baccarat betting game has a maximum of 0.4% rebate, which can be eaten and taken.
Xiaochu has tried his skills and mastered the unique technology of DG Baccarat after playing for a long time, allowing you to easily earn half a year’s salary in one hour, and realize your dream. Natural Selection Casino is your trustworthy partner!!