DG Baccarat on the second way
DG Baccarat on the second way

DG Baccarat on the second way

Using DG Baccarat to play the second way, can’t understand how to play?


Analysis of DG Baccarat Winning Strategy Skills Guaranteed to Make Money If you don’t watch it, you will regret it!

How to see the next three roads in DG baccarat and the road list record, the next three roads are the big eye (big eye road), the small road, and the cockroach road (xiaoqiang road). The big eye road uses a hollow circle, and the small road uses a solid circle, The slash is used in the road, and there is no special mark for the tie and the pair. Red and blue represent meaning. The red on the big road represents Zhuang’s win, and the blue represents the idle win, but the red and blue in the three roads have nothing to do with Zhuang’s win or loss, only the opening rules! According to the normal rules of the opening road, there are three main types: single jump, double jump, and Lianlong; if you see the red in the lower three roads, it means that the card is opened according to the law, and the blue means that it is upside down and does not follow the law of the big road. For example: This single is not in accordance with the law when it is opened, so it is necessary to draw blue. Look at the big road and the lower three at the same time to improve the win rate…

DG Baccarat must-win tips We want to win money, we must meet the following three conditions: 1. Calmness: When we are at a disadvantage, it is easy to cause panic and fear of losing all our capital. At this point, you must remain calm. Don’t be afraid to lose, keep buying according to the formula. The poker situation isn’t set in stone, it’s bound to turn around and get caught up in our formula. Sooner or later we will turn defeat into victory. 2. Patience sometimes gets into a stalemate in the game. Although there are not many losses, it is always impossible to win several times in a row, resulting in an increasing number of losses. At this time, in addition to calm, but also patience. Do not add random numbers, obey the rules of the formula, and wait patiently. Remember, we have 80 bets of capital in our hands, don’t worry. 3. Not being greedy is the most important principle that can make us win money. …

How many chips are ready? DG Baccarat Teaching Wins!

How many chips should I prepare to win money in DG baccarat teaching? Before entering the poker table, many players will hesitate how much chips to bring. It is safer to take the game. Based on the long-term experience of professional players, the game can be divided into “12 units”, and then the calculation will be made according to the number of games to be bet. Generally, bet 6-8 Calculate the minimum bet book to be prepared each time, the minimum bet book to be prepared each time = the minimum bet amount * (6~8), if the minimum bet amount = 200 yuan, then 20012(6~8)= 14400~19200 is your minimum gambling book. DG baccarat teaching game predicts how many rounds will be played?

Judge the best time! DG baccarat long play!

The most important judgment of DG Baccarat’s “playing the long dragon” is when it is the entry point. Usually, the best entry time is when the single jump road is used. For example: Zhuang Xian Zhuang Xian Zhuang Xian Xian, bet with one bet Xian, if you hit it, continue to follow until the “Dragon Break”. After the break, use the 1, 2, and 4 cable method to follow three Xian in a row. If you hit one, you will give up. If you miss three, change channels or find a better way. Or replace the “Long Long Breaking Two Plays”. In DG Baccarat, the long and broken two-play method firstly finds a short-circuit game in which there are no more than 4 long dragons. When there are 2 consecutive games, for example: the 2 consecutive Zhuangzhuang will look for the previous banker or player with 3 or 4 consecutive consecutive games. If If it is 3 consecutive free or 4 consecutive free, then break the 2 consecutive free. Under the premise of sufficient funds, the front is 4 consecutive free games,…