DG Baccarat Super Win Rate
DG Baccarat Super Win Rate

DG Baccarat Super Win Rate

DG baccarat super win rate must see is to want you to take a good look

DG百家樂超強勝率新手必須知道的要點,當踏上了賭場之後、如果不懂這學問那就準備輸死與賠光, DG百家樂超強勝率並不是我們想像中的這麼簡單、對於一位新手來說中途被洗白或者輸光這都是每天在上演的事實。

DG Baccarat Super Winning Rookie

DG baccarat super win rate novice must know the main points, when you set foot in the casino, if you don’t understand this knowledge, then prepare to lose and lose.
The super win rate of DG Baccarat is not as simple as we imagined. For a novice to be washed or lost halfway, this is a fact that happens every day.

If you have been to a Macau casino or a Las Vegas casino, it is a situation that you will see every day when someone wins and loses money.
Those who win money are full of joy, and those who lose money lose their ego, but these scenes are all situations that cannot be seen in online casinos.
Because online virtual casinos will not let you see the expressions of live gamblers, they will only tell you that there are many promotions, and you can play games through mobile phones.

When a novice joins the ranks of DG Baccarat’s super winning rate, the initial winnings will make him feel conceited, because he will completely feel that he has won money.
It’s not just that simple, it only takes a few minutes or seconds to earn income quickly, but slowly fall into this quagmire,
The habit of the quagmire is that when you step on it, it doesn’t sink immediately, but when it is not moving, it sinks into it slowly due to its weight.
So the same is true for DG baccarat beginners with super win rate, because after the initial sweetness, they began to fall into this quagmire, but they never imagined what a terrible monster it was.

DG Baccarat Super Win Rate Counting Pairs

Pays 11x for a pair. If you cut it thin enough, it counts.
Recently, when playing eight decks of cards, the first card to be eliminated is based on the number of points, and the cut card is fixed between the eighth and ninth number of cases. With such a thin cut, it’s worth counting cards to play a pair.
Counting pairs is not easy, maybe two or three. First, count how many points are left. TJQK should be calculated separately.
When there are less than 78 cards left, add up the parameters according to the number of remaining cards (13 numbers are added!) According to the betting strategy table, determine whether it is worth playing a pair. When placing bets, Zhuang Xian placed all pairs.
The parameters are different according to the number of remaining sheets: the parameters for the remaining 12 sheets are 1211 or 132, 11 is 1110=110, 10 is 10*9=90…

Betting index: 78 cards not seen, 501, 77/488, 76/476…52/222, 51/213, 50/205…26/55, 25/51,
It’s not easy to do, and the EV upper limit is about 50% of the upper limit (both players and players are down).
Netizens provide good opinions. Divide the parameter by 2. 12/66, 11/55, 10/45, 9/36, 8/28, 7/21, 6/15, 5/10, 4/6, 3/3, 2/1.
Betting index halved: 78/251, 77/244, 76/238…52/111, 51/107, 50/103…26/28, 25/26…

DG Baccarat Super Winning Concept: Pair Concept

DG Baccarat Super Winning Rate Teaching Bet Pair Play
Crazy play DG baccarat super winning rate After many studies on DG baccarat super winning rate, I recommend it to all players for reference.
Some people can be said to have found the skills of online DG baccarat with super winning odds. After deep thinking and actual play, I disdain this statement.
DG baccarat super win rate bet pair is to increase the different aspects and rich diversification of DG baccarat super win rate gameplay. It is a method launched by entertainment city casinos to increase revenue.
The so-called “pair” bet is to bet on whether a pair will be found among the first two cards assigned by the “banker” or “player”.
When betting on “Pair”, you must bet either “Banker Pair” or “Player Pair”. And it’s 11 for 1.

When betting on “pairs”, many players will bet on “zhuang” and “free” at the same time, and a few people bet on the so-called “three treasures”, that is, betting on “zhuang”, opening a pair and adding Buy “and” on.
This kind of gambling method is expected to be able to win all three in one bet, and you can get a considerable reward. Even if one of the three is in one, there are also good odds.
Friends all know that it usually takes more than ten times to find a “draw”, and the probability of “pair” is unfortunately low, otherwise the casino would not offer such high odds as 11 to 1.

DG Baccarat super win rate card counting probability, improve your winning rate in the casino

In DG Baccarat, the probability of opening the banker is 45.86%, the probability of opening is 44.62%, and the probability of opening a draw is 9.52%.
Assuming that the result of 10,000 rounds is perfect according to this ratio, the banker will open 124 more rounds than the player, so let’s talk about the often mentioned EV value (expected value) first.
The algorithm is (probability of winning * odds – probability of losing * amount of losing), the EV value of the next dealer is calculated to be -1.053%
That is to say, we will lose ‘1.053 yuan for every 100 yuan on average, and the EV value of the player is -1.24%. On average, we lose 1.24 yuan for every 100 yuan.

So if there are no other conditions, don’t think that the banker has pumped 5% of the water, and you will feel that the player is better.
From a mathematical point of view, the advantage of the banker is higher than that of the player. Here, I will mention that the EV value of the sum is calculated on the average.
For every 100 yuan, you will lose 14.32 yuan, so in normal gameplay, it is not recommended for players to buy and play pairs with very low EV values.

Looking back at DG Baccarat’s super winning rate, the winning rate of the banker and the player
These slight differences come from the out-of-card rules. The outcome of the DG Baccarat super equity game is sometimes decided after each of the two players has opened two cards.
Therefore, if players want to count cards, they must grasp the opportunity to grasp the rules of draw cards. The following are the rules of draw cards in the DG Baccarat super win rate game, please watch carefully.