WM Baccarat
WM Baccarat

WM Baccarat

WM Baccarat – The Mystery of the Baccarat is nothing

WM baccarat is currently the most popular game in Asia. Why did the editor only point to Asia? Because other regions are not so keen. Too many Asians got into the game to get the overall ranking up so much. In recent years, after the online casino games, WM baccarat is also one of the main game items. The growth rate of Taiwanese players has also continued to leap forward, and the number of players who love sports betting is not lost at all. After understanding the rules, many players will then want to look for related skills or strategies, but I think it is necessary to understand the essence of the game before reading these related teaching articles. Article directory

WM Baccarat: Lowest “Banker Advantage”

The house advantage refers to the part where the winning rate of the casino is higher than that of the gamblers. Each game in the casino can calculate the expected value of the bet, which means the amount that can be recovered for every 1 yuan bet, and then subtract 1 from the expected recovery value. The house edge. The reason why so many players flock to it is because of the fairness of its proposition. There is no so-called pass kill in WM baccarat, and a draw is a draw. Players who have been betting on the banker or idlers will keep their chips until the next round. After calculation, the banker’s advantage is 1.2%, which is the lowest compared with other games, that is, betting 100 yuan, and the expected recovery value is 98.8 yuan.

WM Baccarat: Open Banking > Leisure

Many novice players will have a question, why the player does not have to take a rake in baccarat betting, but the banker has to take 5% in the betting? In fact, due to the different rules of banker and player draws, the probability of winning the two is different. After calculating the 8 decks used by the casino, the probability of opening the banker is 45.86%, and the probability of opening the player is 45.86%. It is 44.62%, and the other is the probability of a draw, but WM Baccarat will not kill a draw, so in fact, the probability of the banker winning is more than 50%, and the bet will only be made after the 5% margin. It is as low as 50% or less, so the 5% rake is to balance the expectations of the banker, and the probability of opening the banker is higher than that of the banker.

WM Baccarat: Ties and Pairs

In WM Baccarat, the probability of drawing a draw and a pair is not commensurate with its odds. In fact, the probability of drawing a draw is 9.51%. After the 1:8 odds are restored, the expected value is only 85.56%. This means that the house advantage of betting on a sum is as high as 14.44%, and the house advantage of betting on a pair is 12.15%. As mentioned earlier, the house advantage of WM baccarat is 1.2%, so betting on a sum or betting on a pair means betting at the same time. Lose more than 10% of your stake first. In addition, I will tell you a little idea. The higher the odds of the game, the greater the house advantage, including the collusion in sports betting. The only exception is roulette, where the house edge is the same for any odds, so if you are a player who likes to bet big with small, roulette is your best choice.