how to play black jack
how to play black jack

how to play black jack

How to play online black jack, I believe everyone knows the basic rules very well, but just knowing how to do it is enough, we players have to do big things to win money! It is often heard that professional gamblers can use card counting to win casinos, but is it really difficult to learn? I can’t seem to understand a lot of teaching online. This time, I directly helped players sort out some actual combat experience, so that you can not only know how to play blackjack, but also more advanced to master the key points of card counting and card suspension, so as to help everyone win online blackjack. Article directory

How to play online blackjack 1: get 12

On the poker table, the total sum is usually 12 points, and it is easy to burst after taking a communal card, and there are 16 communal cards in each deck, 8 decks have 128 decks, the probability of revealing communal cards is too high, At this time, it is better to simply bet on the dealer to blow himself up.

How to play online blackjack 2: get BJ

In the blackjack game, if you get BJ (Blackjack, an A plus a ten or JQK), as long as the dealer does not also get BJ, you can immediately get 1.5 times the bet. When we have BJ, the dealer usually asks if you want to tie first, but this is just another version of buying insurance, and unless you are counting cards, it is very unwise to tie first.

How to play online blackjack 3: The dealer takes A to “surrender” first

The dealer gets an A, no matter how many points you get, it is recommended to surrender first. What if you’re lucky enough to get blackjack? Still surrender? Yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with surrendering, unless you start with BJ, then you don’t need to surrender, because then you’ll get 1.5x your payout. But because BJ is bigger than the one who draws to 21, at this time, if we draw to 21, the dealer opens BJ to kill, so surrender is the most correct choice.

How to play online blackjack four: A+7 points VS. Banker 10 points

At this time, the player is 18, and many players will make a mistake and think that it is already 18. Why should they raise? But here I tell you that 18 is still very weak. Generally speaking, everyone will choose to suspend, because it is very likely that one raises It burst, but we assume that the dealer’s hole card is 10 points, that is to say, the dealer’s maximum is only 20 points now, so at this time, you should give it a shot and choose to raise, and maybe there is a chance to win the dealer.

How to play online blackjack 5: 12 o’clock VS. Zhuang 2 o’clock

In this situation, players must raise their cards no matter what, which is the same as the second point. Because the dealer can only have 12 points at most, so the dealer will re-card. Lose, so remember to raise at times like this.

How to Play Online Blackjack Six: Pair (8.8) VS. Banker 2

In this case, there will be two directions of thinking, should you split or add? I have 16 points, and the dealer’s card is 2 points. At present, it seems that the probability of losing is not high, but if you are worried about adding cards and you are afraid of blowing your cards, you can choose to split cards at this time, instead of wandering in your heart. It’s better to give yourself a chance to win.