DG Baccarat Victory Formula
DG Baccarat Victory Formula

DG Baccarat Victory Formula

DG Baccarat can be used as a reference victory formula

Expected odds in a deck of cards: (8 decks) 16 singles, 8 doubles, 4 triples, 1 quad, 1 five, 1 six or more.

The rule of thumb:

  1. The 1st hand presses P as 0 bet, when B is opened, 23 hands follow BB, and when P is opened, 23 hands are followed by PP, and then every 3 bets are a betting cycle.
  2. Suppose the 123rd hand is BBB, and the 456th hand bet BBB.
  3. If the first three hands are BPB, bet PBP; if it is PBP, bet BPB.
  4. If the first four hands are PBBP, bet PBB; if it is BPPB, bet BPP; but if the first four hands are BBPP, bet BBP; if it is PPBB, bet PPB.
  5. If the first three hands are BBB, bet B, open B, continue BB, open P, continue PP; if the first three hands are PPP, bet P, open P, continue PP, open B, continue BB.
  6. Assuming that the first six hands are very regular, the current three hands are completely reversed, except for the long dragon. For example, BPPBPP, BBPBBP, BBPPPB, BPBPBP, BPBBPB (BBBPPP, BBBBBB are the same as 5) are changed to 1 hand and 7 hands.

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