Hold’em Poker introduce
Hold’em Poker introduce

Hold’em Poker introduce

Texas Hold’em does not require ghost cards. It only uses 52 playing cards. It is a card-changing poker game. Each player is dealt two cards face down.

Each player’s unique personal card can only be turned over at showdown.

Process of Texas Hold’em Poker:

In the first round, the seat and the starting licensing seat area are decided first.

  1. The cards are shuffled and must be cut.
  2. It is the turn of the blind players to place their blind bets.
  3. Deal two hole cards to each player.
  4. Preflop betting.
  5. After one card is eliminated, three community cards are dealt.
  6. The flop bet.
  7. After a card is eliminated, a community card (turn card) is dealt.
  8. Call the turn.
  9. After a card is eliminated, a community card (river) is dealt.
  10. The river bet.
  11. If there are two or more cards that have not been folded, the showdown will be used to divide the total prize money according to the outcome.
  12. At the end of this round, the dealer’s seating area moves to the next house in clockwise order for the next round.

Seat allocation and licensing order:

Usually Texas Hold’em tournament seats are allocated randomly, unless otherwise specified by the Texas Hold’em Room.

Most private games use draw ratios based on the starting seating order and the first dealer’s seating area. The method of drawing cards and picking positions is to deal a card to each person, and the player who draws the highest card is the dealer.

When there are two or more players who draw the highest card (not more than the suit), redraw the card until one of the players dominates and is the starting dealer. At the end of each round, the dealer takes turns clockwise by the players.

After placing the blinds and cutting the cards, the cards are dealt. Whether the cards are dealt by the exclusive dealer or the player, it is the next home at the button position, which is distributed in a clockwise direction. There are two rounds of one card in each round.

Each participating player gets two hole cards. Howard Lederer recommends in his teaching that when players act as dealers to enter the deal, they go to the shuffle above the dealer.

For the dealer’s upper home (CO seat, Cut-off), enter the cut card to reduce the risk of cheating.

Texas Hold’em Betting Order:

The first round of betting is called “preflop” and starts calling out to the player who placed the big blind (assuming there are no blinds, the player to the left of the dealer), continuing in a clockwise direction.

The betting rounds of Texas Hold’em continue until each player has one of three states:

Fold (fold): just discard and cover the cards in the hand, discarding the chips that have been bet in the pot to exit the game.

Call: A bet equal to all other unfolded players.

All-in: Bet the entire remaining stack.