How to play the fishing machine?
How to play the fishing machine?

How to play the fishing machine?

How to play the fishing machine? These tips and tricks are reported to you

Fishing machine is an improved video game. It was originally a game of goldfish fishing that originated in Japan. Seeing that there is a huge wave of money attracting behind it, the engineer improved it into the current fishing machine and became an instant hit. , has been slowly spread until now there are different fishing machines, but the gameplay is the same. Today, I will introduce the relevant information of fishing machines.

Introduction of fishing machine

Fishing machines and slot machines are the same concept. In order to hit a common jackpot, the machine will continuously accumulate all chips (Jackpot) until it reaches the set jackpot threshold. So you must understand that when you win money in the fishing machine, it is not the money that you win the machine, but the money of other players, and the game is just playing a role of providing venue equipment and asking for a “service fee”. You must understand that all video games have a mechanism called “rake rate”, which means that when you put in 1000 yuan and the machine will only give back 990 yuan, then this 10 yuan is the casino’s rake rate.

The mentality of playing fishing machines

Whether it’s a fishing machine or other casino games, it’s the same, don’t let yourself have too many emotions to play, analyze the game well, if you find that you have lost almost half of the money you invested, you must Stop, when fishing, you must start from small cannons, don’t choose big cannons from the beginning, and the money that goes out is regarded as he has no return, and the focus is on how to create a higher value for the remaining chips. profit.

Fishing machine game cycle

The fishing machine has three very important cycles, namely “leisure”, “eating points” and “spitting points”. These three cycles are very important! Because it represents what the biggest outcome will be when you’re playing. The principle behind the design of the game, in order to continuously attract players to continue playing and maintain a stable income, these three states will continue to appear alternately, and finally the normal situation will return to the “leisure” state, and you will be in a state of winning money. But it is a part of the “pumping” that was charged.


You will maintain a winning and losing parallel.

“Eat points”

In any case, basically no fish can be touched.

“Spit points”

How to hit how to hit, a hundred hits!

Fishing machine skills

There must be a bug in the game, and no game can be completely perfect, so you can seize this situation to increase the number of wins.

When the big fish appears, look at the timing

The fishing machine in each casino will be different, but when a big fish or a golden turtle appears next to the cannon in the game, remember not to hit him, because it will only waste your cannonballs, the sharks appearing from the screen, With some small fish, please increase the firepower to shoot at this time, and you will feel that it is very easy to get points.

fish feeder

In the game, there will be fish that give points, that is, there are fish that swim relatively slowly near the turret. At this time, adjust the angle of the turret to shoot, and basically they are the fish that give points.

Master the changes of the fish school

According to people’s hearts, when a large school of fish appears, they will want to shoot, but at this time, you must hold back, because the school of fish swims very fast, and it is not possible to shoot down with one or two bullets. Save your firepower and observe the changes of the school of fish. Shoot again.

fast fish tracking

Normally, the fish near the turret usually swim faster, but at this time you can use the tracking shooting method to shoot in the direction of the fish. Generally speaking, the hit rate will be good.

Fishing machine strategy

When playing with the fishing machine, we often cannot catch the fish we want because it is blocked by the nearby fish, so we must pay attention to the surrounding fish. Cannons shoot, don’t shoot too far, so as not to waste cannonballs. If the novice is playing well, it is recommended to hit the fish nearby. After the game gradually increases the difficulty, there will also be more advanced fish such as sharks. You can use the accumulated energy to launch energy cannons to target those very advanced fish. A hard-to-hit type that consumes less ammo.

Fishing machine crack

The cracking of the fishing machine is actually very simple. If there is a demo version, you can try it first to understand the setting behind his fishing. At first, he used small chips and small guns to fish, and first observe all the points. Then slowly increase the chips and use cannons to shoot. If you find that the fish is very bad, don’t attack any more, and move the target to hit other ones. When the fish comes out, be sure to increase the firepower to attack directly. At this time, it will be very If it is easy to hit, the energy cannon will keep the fish with the highest score, so that you can accumulate a lot of profits.

Fishing machine is really a game that does not require brain calculations. I have tried it myself, because I am not playing with my own money, so I directly adjust it to the maximum gun, and then attack the fish, I really feel very good Attacking, and the fish next to the fort, are also very easy to fight, but for the rare golden species, it is very difficult to fight, and it will waste a lot of shells, so you must learn to lock the target you want and attack directly. These fish, and the fishing machine is a really easy game to play. It has been popular for many years. In the future, the fishing machine will only be more diverse, and more different looks will be played, but the gameplay It’s all the same, let’s look forward to the future fishing machine together.