“Fishing Machine Game” Game Skills “Strategy”
“Fishing Machine Game” Game Skills “Strategy”

“Fishing Machine Game” Game Skills “Strategy”

This kind of situation is often encountered in the game, that is, the fish you want to hit is not hit and is blocked by the nearby fish, so you must pay attention to the position of the surrounding fish. When shooting small fish, you should use small cannons. You can use large cannons when shooting fish and big fish. If you are too far away, just give up and waste cannonballs.

Personally, I think that you need to predict in advance when launching a shell, because the fish is moving, you need to judge in advance the position he will swim to, and the fish will be fast for a while, slow for a while, and it will turn and change before the shell reaches it. location.
Everyone can practice more. I suggest that beginners should mainly play near, and it is better to play less far away.

After that, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase, and high-level fish such as sharks will also appear. Be sure to pay attention to your cannon to cover the middle of the shark, so the probability of scoring is relatively high. Although the consumption is relatively large, the quality and quantity of capture can be guaranteed. In general, the income is greater than the expenditure. It should be noted that if you can’t hit a few shots in the front, you don’t have to hit it in the back, it is likely to get points. In addition, it is worth noting that there are “energy cannons” in the game

We only need to accumulate a certain amount of “energy” when firing ordinary cannons, and don’t use this “energy cannon” in a hurry, wait for the big fish like “Golden Cicada” or “Green Toad” to come out before using it. Chances of being killed are higher. The last thing is to learn a lot of other people’s skills and be good at thinking and summarizing, learning other people’s analysis of the principles of fishing machine games, and thinking about fishing methods and skills. In order to meet everyone’s learning needs, the editor will also share learning with you from time to time. Experience, I hope that all fishing masters can harvest their own experience in the vast blue sea of ​​fishing, and will be happy to the end!

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