fishing machine magic
fishing machine magic

fishing machine magic

Understand the attributes and characteristics of “fishing machine”

Regarding the fishing machine game, it was originally a physical machine. After it was very popular, it was transplanted and evolved into an online fishing game. I think everyone still remembers the famous “fishing master”! At this time, some players began to discover , why do I store so much money and lose almost all of it, why don’t I spit it out? Could it be that making money from fishing machines is just an official scam?


This is because the setting of the bite points and the probability of breaking out of the fishing machine in the casino is only for the physical machine; while the machine setting of the online fishing machine game is for all game fishing grounds (all online players) , so if you use the concept of “biting to a certain extent, you will naturally vomit points” to play online fishing machines, in all likelihood, you will lose everything.


Therefore, the three periods of online fishing machine games (biting points, smoothing, and spitting points) will not only appear for a single player, but will be the same for players in the entire fishing ground. No matter which fishing machine game it is, it will have a period of time to spit out points, which may be short or long. Just like the stock market, there will be waves rising and falling. If you can’t maintain a good attitude, don’t be impatient. Today, I will use the fairy-level skills of fishing machines to bring you money!

Take advantage of the “fishing machine game” is softening, quickly grab points

Today, the editor is going to teach you the fishing machine skills of this fishing machine game, that is, how to use small fish to distinguish the three cycles of the fishing machine, and get the opportunity to pick up cheap:

Specializing in small fish, this newspaper horse boy!

First of all, we must first divide, which are small fish, and which are big fish.

From here, we can see that under normal circumstances, small fish are characters who should be killed in a few hits, so it is not worthwhile to fight with small fish with low odds when biting. Moreover, experienced players must have encountered such situations as “how did the big fish die after a few hits”, or “the big fish ran to kill himself even though he was hitting another fish”, and these are our The next key to winning is what kind of fishing machine skills to use to deal with it.

As soon as the cannon is fired, who will compete?

We can adjust the amount of bullets (bet) for the turret of the fishing machine, and most of the time, the higher your amount, the more ferocious the gun body looks. Intuitively, we will think that there will be strong and weak firepower. . But this is just your illusion. It is the same as the general online slot machine, except that the higher your bet amount, the more you will earn when you hit the jackpot. After all, the odds will not be affected.

However, there are still many players on the Internet who are sharing their own fishing skills, such as “It is easier to kill the fish head with a head shot”, “It is more profitable to shoot fish with bursts”, “It is better for big fish to shoot with small cannons. “And so on these urban legends. In fact, whether it is a big fish or a small fish, it is just an electronic program, and there is no “vital” part, and the odds of each fish are fixed. The more you hit him, the more helpful it will be.

Fishing machine crack: small fish hurt big fish!

Therefore, when entering a new fishing ground at the beginning, it is recommended to choose a slightly lower bullet amount, and then find the combination of the big fish behind the small fish, and shoot 3~6 bullets at the small fish. Such a play will have the following three cycles of response:

Bite stage: If the fish doesn’t die, it doesn’t die. It’s not worth it to shoot more bullets. Change to the next combination.
Stable period: The continuous bullets just kill the small fish with 2~X times the odds, but there are no extra bullets to attack the big fish. At this time, the small fish can choose to play with higher odds.
Stage: When the small fish is killed in seconds, and even the big fish is killed, you can increase the amount of bullets at this time to target the big fish with many small fish to protect themselves.


After knowing so many rules of the game, are your hands and hearts ready to move?

But during the epidemic, is it difficult to find relatives, friends or great gods to fight together on the game battlefield?

I’m so afraid that after being caught by the police uncle at the gathering scene, I will use a long and thin test stick to poke my nose and stab the drain and then doubt my life. Is there a good entertainment environment that can give me a chance to show off my skills?