Fishing Machine Skills Make Millions
Fishing Machine Skills Make Millions

Fishing Machine Skills Make Millions

[As long as the fishing machine skills make good use of the change of the cycle, 80% of the people will make millions because of it]

Fishing Machine is a video game that originated in Japan, and then slowly became popular all over the world. In the beginning, the fishing machine was like the fishing game usually seen in the game field. Whoever catches more fish will win. Later, some people improved it to use “cannonballs” to attack fish. Different fish and different cannons have different rewards, making it more exciting and interesting to play, and gradually became popular.

Three cycles of fishing machine skills

As mentioned earlier, the gameplay of the fishing machine is very simple, that is, to attack the fish with shells, and the rewards corresponding to different fish are also different. Fishing machines also have so-called cycles: “eat points”, “spit points”, and “leisure”.

leisure time

It means that the machine will put the state in a state of neither losing nor winning, a bit like a tie situation, no matter how you play, you will neither make nor lose money.

spit staging

Since there is a state in which the machine has the upper hand, of course, there is also a state in which the player has the upper hand. At this time, you will find that the cannon shot is very easy to win the lottery. If you encounter this period, it is recommended that you directly switch to a high-grade cannon to catch fish. Even fish that you can hardly catch at ordinary times may be hit. You must seize this opportunity!

eat in installments

When the machine has the upper hand, how do you perceive this fact? At this time, you will find that even if there is a school of fish, it is not easy to be hit. If you encounter this period, it is recommended to change to a smaller amount of small cannons to catch fish, and then slowly wait for the opportunity to come.

Eight tips for fishing machine

track fast fish

You can track some fast-moving fish. At this time, you can turn on the machine gun mode to shoot the fish frantically, which will greatly improve the chance of winning.

Master the fish

The fish that send points are usually very close to the fort, and these fish swim very slowly, almost hitting every shot, so they can be used as points for the machine to give you.

Pay attention to the size of the fish

The natural hit rate of shooting fish will be relatively high, and it is an opportunity that should be seized; what should be noted here is that if you find a group of large but fast-moving fish, it is recommended to wait for these fish to pass before starting to shoot, do not waste shells to attack .

Try the water temperature first

Basically, before the spit or good luck comes, it is recommended to use small cannons to shoot slowly. After all, even small cannons are not good for fishing, so there is no need to waste cannons. When does it turn to artillery onslaught? After you find that you can hit a lot of fish with the small cannon, you can launch a more violent attack! After playing for a while, if you find that you can’t catch fish again, turn back to the small cannon. The key point of fishing machine strategy is not to be greedy, and only this kind of strategy can help you really win big money.

Know which parts of the fish are hit and are easy to catch

The limbs of some fish are weak points, most of the fish gills and front and rear fins, the gun should be as high as possible. No matter what fish you hit, try to shoot the cannonball parallel to the fish, hitting both sides of the fish.

fish that slip through the net

If you hit a position where others lost points, if you hit 300 times the fish with 1,000 cannons, you will earn 1,000X300 directly, which is 300,000 points. Players will definitely win by using this method!

blood for fishing

Usually, because there is a point-taking period between positions, the big fish at the point-eating position will never die, and players who don’t understand will definitely be killed. For those who are in the eating cycle, after dying, you just need to use 1000 cannons to relax a little, and the fish will die. Simple and practical. Such simple and practical fishing skills are not for everyone, because everyone is in a hurry during the fishing process, who will wait? Therefore, although it is easy to win when playing fishing machines, it is necessary to establish a good attitude and patience.

Control the time of day

Best 3-4 hours a day. Because in fact, there are many things to consider when playing fishing, such as whether to catch a big fish or slow fishing, and each scenario needs to be carefully considered and then implemented. If you spend more than 4 hours a day, your thinking will become dull. Your mind becomes only thinking about the game and not how to fight. This will only send money, so it is important to control the timing of the game.


After knowing so many rules of the game, are your hands and hearts ready to move?

But during the epidemic, is it difficult to find relatives, friends or great gods to fight together on the game battlefield?

I’m so afraid that after being caught by the police uncle at the gathering scene, I will use a long and thin test stick to poke my nose and stab the drain and then doubt my life. Is there a good entertainment environment that can give me a chance to show off my skills?