How to play the fishing machine to win?
How to play the fishing machine to win?

How to play the fishing machine to win?

How to play the fishing machine? How to play to win?

Do you like to play “fishing games” such as fishing machines, and you lose gold coins when you play with them? What’s going on? The game of fishing machine actually requires considerable skills, the shooting angle when fishing, when to catch what fish, follow the footsteps of the editor, I believe it is not difficult for you to become a fishing expert.

Working principle of fishing machine

There are two mechanisms in the fishing machine to ensure that the machine wins.

pumping rate.
Control of in-game currency inventory.
The pumping rate is to assume that when the player throws 100 coins, a certain percentage of coins will be withdrawn; the control of the game currency inventory is to assume that the machine has a pre-set “initial inventory”, for example: a machine’s The “Initial Inventory” is set to 100 coins. Player 1 wins 50 coins, and the game currency inventory remains 50 coins. At this time, it is difficult to win; but if player 2 loses 200 coins, the game coins will be lost. The inventory is replenished to 250 coins. At this time, it is very likely to win the coins lost by the second player.

Fishing machines and slot machines are the same concept, in order to hit the jackpot for common players, because the machine will continuously accumulate all chips (Jackpot) until it reaches the set jackpot threshold.

So you must understand that when you win money on the fishing machine, it is not the money that you win, but the money of other players, and the machine (or the casino operator) here is just acting as a venue equipment and ask for it The role of “service fee” is only.

fishing cycle

Fishing is divided into three cycles, “eat points”, “spit points”, “leisure”, three cycles.

Eating and staging: During this period, the machine is eating the points. Although there will be fish passing by, it is very difficult to fight. At this time, adopt the strategy of standing still, observing carefully, and waiting for the opportunity.

Vomiting staging: There is also a saying that it is a staging period. During this period, the machine is spitting out points for you to hit. As long as you make good use of your observation, you will find that the fish is getting better and better. At this time, you can hurry up and pay for it, because it is usually difficult to hit. The fish will be much weaker by this time!

Leisure period: During this period the machines will put each other in a state of equilibrium, that is, neither lose nor win.