What kind of fish does the fishing machine send?
What kind of fish does the fishing machine send?

What kind of fish does the fishing machine send?

Every game has some bugs or loopholes, and the same is true for fishing machines. Let’s take a look at what should we pay attention to when playing fishing machine games?

What kind of fish does the fishing machine send?

Lanterns, devils, turtles, etc. appear near the fort. These fish swim slowly, adjust the angle and hit continuously, and they are basically the fish that give points.

Fishing machine big fish look at the timing

Try not to touch the big golden tortoise swimming near the fort, it wastes shells, and the hit rate is very low. The shark that appears from the right side, see such a shark, if there are not many small fish, increase the firepower and follow the shooting. If there are many small fish around the fort, don’t waste the shells.

fishing machine fast fish tracking

There are usually some fast fish that are very close to the fort. When encountering this kind of fish, you can use tracking shooting and hit in the direction of the fish. Often small and medium-sized shells are fired in bursts, and the hit rate is very high.

The fishing machine grasps the periodic changes of the fish school

When the fish tide hits, it is full of big fish, and the swimming speed is very fast. This kind of fish cannot be shot down with one shot or two shots. Try not to waste shells, so you should save firepower during this period and wait for the big fish to pass before starting.

Fishing machine strategy

Use yourself to spend a lot of time on a machine to observe, and then get in touch with the mechanic to understand some of the wins and losses of this fishing machine before. This is a process of obtaining intelligence. The purpose is to know how much inventory this fishing machine has and how many points it has eaten today. The more points you eat, the more points you vomit.

Then test with some small cannons and wait quietly. If you suddenly find that the fish is easier to hit, you can consider adding guns slowly at this time. If the fish is easier to hit for a while, you can consider the firepower is full, and when you find that the fish is not easy to hit, you can immediately change to small guns. If you go fishing with a gun of the same frequency, you are sure to lose. So you have to grasp the sense of rhythm in it, and also forbid greed. If you win a certain amount, you must score points.