How to play the game teaching
How to play the game teaching

How to play the game teaching

How to play the game │ Pair type:

First compare the pips of the pair, and when the pips of the two pairs are the same, then compare the pips of the single card.

Teaching how to play the golden flower │ Leopard, flush, loose card type:

First compare the points of the highest card, if the highest card has the same points, then the second highest card, and so on.

Instructions on how to play the golden flower │ Straight flush and straight hand types:

Compare the points in order: AKQ>KQJ>…>432>32A.

Teaching how to play the game │ Odds of winning or losing

And how to judge which side wins? Or how to bet to win?

In the teaching of how to play the golden flower, when players simply bet “Dragon, Phoenix”, they can simply look at the winning or losing of “Dragon, Phoenix”; but if they bet “Straight, Flush, Straight Flush, Leopard”, etc. block, then only “the winner wins with this card type” is considered a win.

But there is something special. If the players bet “pair 8 or more”, then the winner can be regarded as winning no matter which hand type (excluding the scatter) they get.

Therefore, the odds of 8 or more are lower, but the probability of occurrence is much higher, and each other betting block also has different odds, as follows

Teaching how to play fried golden flower │ Lianlonglianfeng

Since it is this kind of game of “winning and losing”, just like baccarat, the so-called “seeing the road” can be derived, that is to say, when there is a “dragon streak” or “phoenix streak”, The so-called “Lianlonglianfeng” long dragon appeared. At this time, all friends must remember to keep up, don’t hesitate!

As shown in the picture above, it can be seen that the dragon and phoenix pairs have jumped a few times, but it is very likely that the phenomenon of dragon and phoenix will continue to appear in the future, which helps everyone to have a psychological benchmark when placing bets.