Dou Da
Dou Da

Dou Da

Dou Da, also known as the casino war. Dou Da is probably the easiest casino game. It’s a game that many people have played at school after hours. But in those days the game might not have been called Dou Da or Casino War, and the rules might not have been the same as casino wars in casinos today, but certainly similar. The main core rule is that the player draws a card, the dealer draws a card, and the highest card wins the war.

~Game Rules~

Casino War uses six decks of 52 cards each. The rank of poker cards is the same as the game of poker, but the ace is the highest value card. The suit of the card doesn’t matter, it’s just the card value that players need to pay attention to. The game starts with players placing bets, after which each player gets a card and the dealer also gets a card. After comparing the cards of the player and the dealer, if the dealer’s card is higher than the player, the player loses. Conversely, if the player’s card is higher than the dealer’s, the player wins. If the dealer’s and player’s cards are equally high, it becomes exciting. At this point the player has two options, if the player folds he loses half of his bet. The second option is for the player to fight the dealer.

~Fighting in the Casino War~

If the player chooses to go to war, the player needs to place a bet again. The stake size must be equal to the starting amount. The dealer will now deal three cards to the side, these three cards are called 3 burn cards. After that, the dealer and the player are dealt a card again. If the player’s second card is of the same rank or higher than the dealer’s, the player wins an amount equal to the first and second bet 1:1. If the dealer’s second card is higher than the player’s second card, the player loses both bets. Of course, fighting is usually worth it, so players should try to choose to fight whenever they have the opportunity. But players don’t need to bet all their bets on the same round of casino wars, because players should make sure they have enough to go to war. The strategy for playing Casino War is that players should pay attention to how many Aces have been played. Ace is the highest and most valuable card in the game. When the player plays for a while and doesn’t see an ace, it may be worth increasing the stake because the player has a better chance of winning.

~Bet on a tie~

In addition to the usual casino war wagering, players can bet on a draw. In the event of a tie, the payout is the usual 10:1. Such bets are often referred to as Tie Bet bets. There is little chance of a draw between the player and the dealer, but if the player bets $100 on a Tie Bet bet on a draw and the result is a draw, the player wins $1000 in just a few minutes, so the payoff is quite large. .

In principle, the dealer and the player each have a 50% chance of winning, which seems to be an equal advantage game. But in fact, when the two points are the same, because there are two different options, and the rules are more favorable to the dealer, the house advantage of this game is quite high, generally more than 2%. The house edge of this game increases with the number of decks used, but decreases when the casino offers special prizes.

It can be seen from the above rules that this is a gambling game with a very large casino advantage. The reason is very simple. When the cards are the same, the gambler chooses to surrender, automatically loses half of the bet, and chooses to enter the casino war. When you lose, you lose twice. Although you win twice the original bet when the cards are the same again, the probability that the gambler and the dealer have the same two cards is far less than 1%. Realistic.

But as an entertainment game, casino war has its own attractiveness, especially for young people who are new to the casino, if they want to try their luck with a dozen dollars, they might as well play this game, but it should not be too long. Hand, win or lose, it is likely to win money. In terms of probability, when both sides have the same number of points, if the player chooses to surrender, the house edge will be higher.