2022 latest slot machine game introduction
2022 latest slot machine game introduction

2022 latest slot machine game introduction

[Introduction to the latest slot machine games in 2022, you can find out the differences in different games in 5 minutes]

Slot machines can also be called slot games or slot games. The core gameplay is to provide a fixed number of small patterns on the screen. Every time the player executes the game, the game screen will refresh the pattern style in a random way. The connection rules of the pattern will give corresponding rewards.

Suppose the game rule is “in the specified gray frame, there are 3 or more identical patterns in a row from left to right, you can get 100 game coins”, the “A” pattern on this picture conforms to the game rules, so you can get 100 game coins currency. Usually, the rules of the game will define different patterns to get different amounts of game coins, for example, connect 3A to get 100 game coins, 3 parrots connect to get 200 game coins, the simpler the pattern looks, the less the reward, the pattern looks like The more gorgeous and bigger, the higher the reward.

Slot game classification summary

Introduction of Offline Slot Game (Land Slot Game)

Introduction of Offline Slot Game (Land Slot Game)

Introduction to Online Slot Game

It is called a slot machine game combined with the Internet through devices such as computers, tablets or mobile phones. I think the advantages of Online Slot Game are much higher than that of Land Slot Game. The advantages are as follows:

Convenience: Players do not need to go to the casino specially. Even if there is a tornado or typhoon, they can still play anywhere. Those who are near save the gas and time of driving, and those who are far away save the cost of air tickets and hotels.
Comfort: You can play with pajamas lying down or sitting at home, or even playing while using the toilet. Players don’t need to endure the smell of smoke or noisy ambient noise. If you want to change to other styles of slot machine games, you can just move your finger. Yes, you don’t have to go through currency exchange procedures or move your butt, and you don’t have to worry about the machine you want to play being taken away.
Diversity: Physical casinos have limited space. Usually, machines are regularly replaced with new ones. Online slot machine games do not have this problem. If your favorite game happens to be in a niche market or is old, you can’t see it in the casino. have to find it.
Feedback rate: Online operating costs are lower than physical storefronts. Basically, players can get higher feedback, that is, higher Game Rate

In terms of personal experience, brick-and-mortar casinos still have an advantage, that is, the experience of game performance is very strong. The new generation of brick-and-mortar slot machines adds more naked-eye 3D and 4D technologies, chairs that vibrate with the performance, 360-degree surround sound, and curved surfaces. The screen, etc., the celebration of the feeling of winning is unforgettable.

Online Slot Game can be further subdivided into two categories, Social Slot Game and Casino Slot Game.

Introduction of Social Slot Game

The value of game currency is very small, usually 1 Taiwan dollar can be exchanged for more than 100,000 game coins, and it is normal for players to have tens of millions or hundreds of millions of game coins. (Everyone is rich!)
There are many social interaction mechanisms on the platform. For example, you can give each other a like or a love, and you can send gifts such as virtual beer or bears to each other.
Game companies have a lot of room for gifting coins in the operation of operating activities.
Players cannot transfer game coins to each other.

Introduction of Non-Social Online Slot Game (Casino Slot Game)
The value of the game currency is very large. Usually, most of the game coins that can be exchanged for 1 Taiwan dollar are about 100, or even lower.
There are few community interaction mechanisms on the platform, and most of them only provide a simple chat room system.
Game companies will not give too many coins in the operation of operating activities, and the cash flow is strictly controlled.
Players can transfer game coins to each other.


After knowing so many rules of the game, are your hands and hearts ready to move?

But during the epidemic, is it difficult to find relatives, friends or great gods to fight together on the game battlefield?

I’m so afraid that after being caught by the police uncle at the gathering scene, I will use a long and thin test stick to poke my nose and stab the drain and then doubt my life. Is there a good entertainment environment that can give me a chance to show off my skills?