3 slot machine games collection
3 slot machine games collection

3 slot machine games collection

Slot game roundup: 3 slot games to keep you entertained!

Slot game, also known as slot machine, slot machine, slot, etc., is a very popular game in casinos and brick-and-mortar casinos. So do you know the classification of slot machine games? Today, let Xiaobian introduce 3 kinds of slot machine games that fascinate many people. I believe that after reading this article, everyone can enjoy the fun of slot machines and choose the slot machine game that suits you!

First review: What are the slot machines playing?

The so-called slot machine game is a game in which the same pictures are connected. The core gameplay of the slot machine is that after each click, the game screen will randomly refresh the pattern. If the pattern reaches the connection rules after stopping, then the player can get Game rewards, for example, the game rules of this slot machine are that in the specified color box, more than 3 pictures of the same need to appear in a row from left to right. At this time, you can get game coins, as long as you follow the rules of the game to get corresponding game rewards.

In the slot machine game rules, different patterns are usually defined to obtain different amounts of game coins. For example: 3A connection can get 1000 game coins, 3 eagles can get 2000 game coins, etc., and the pattern looks simpler. , the reward will be less, conversely, the more gorgeous the pattern looks, the higher the reward will be.

Slot game roundup

Slot machine games are divided into “offline slot machines” and “online slot machines”. Offline slot machines are slot machine games in physical casinos, also known as Land Slot Game in English. We can play through devices such as computers, mobile phones or tablets. In today’s era, affected by the epidemic, more and more people prefer to play online slot machines, because online slot machines do not need to be in contact with the crowd, and on the one hand, the picture will not lose to the online slot machine. Let’s use the following rules to explain to you the advantages of playing slot machines and coming back together:

Better convenience: Online slot machines can be played directly through mobile devices without going to a physical casino. It can be said that slot machine games can be played regardless of time, place, and climate, as long as there is an internet connection.
Higher comfort: online slot machines can be played as you want, even if you want to play slot machines in the shower, no one will care about you, not only do you not have to go to the physical casino to be noisy or smoked Don’t worry about someone stealing your lucky machine, just tap the screen at home and you can fully enjoy the fun of slot machines.
Diversified gaming machines: Usually, physical casinos will regularly update slot machine gaming machines, that is, they will replace the old ones with new ones, but this problem will not occur if there are online slot machines. The gaming machines are diversified. The slot machine game will have it on it.
Higher reward rate: Usually online casinos can get higher rewards than brick-and-mortar casinos, because entities have operating costs, so basically online slot machines can get higher rewards and rewards.

What types of online slot machines are there?

Online slot machines can also be subdivided into two types, one is social online slot game (Social Slot Game), and the other is non-social slot machine game (Casino Slot Game). The last chapter will introduce the two types of slot machine. Where are the features:

Social Online Slot Games

From the common slot machine games, myVegas, Slotomania, slots classic vegas casino, etc. are all social online slot machine games, so why are they called social slot machines? We can simply list the following features:

The currency value of social online slot machines is usually very small, that is, 1 yuan of Taiwan dollar can sometimes be exchanged for more than 100,000 game coins, so even if the player has hundreds of millions of assets, it is the game normal of social slot machines. The concept that everyone is rich.
Social online slot machines will have many interactive mechanisms in the community. For example, if you invite friends to play slot machine games, you can get game coins, or you can help other friends to like, give gifts, give life to each other, and so on.
Game companies of social online slot machines usually have a lot of activities to give away game currency during operation.
Players of social online slot machines cannot transfer game coins to each other, and can only be obtained through games or paid in small amounts.

Non-Social Online Slot Games

Non-social slot machine games Star City Online, Baoyoufa Casino, Laozi Rich, Treasure Island Casino, Qianjie Online, etc. These types of slot machine games are non-social slot machine games, and the characteristics of non-social slot machine games are the same as Social online slot games are the exact opposite and we can categorize them into the following features:

The currency value of non-social online slot machine games is very large. The game currency that can be exchanged for 1 NTD is usually 100 yuan, and sometimes there are even lower currency values, so it is assumed that the player already has more than 100,000 coins. Game currency, even if a lot of stored value goes in.
Non-social online slot machines usually do not have any community interaction mechanism, at most they provide a very simple chat system for players to use.
The game companies of non-social online slot machines are less likely to give away too many game coins in the event, and will strictly control the cash flow.
Players of non-social online slot machines can transfer game coins to each other.