7pk gypsophila gameplay
7pk gypsophila gameplay

7pk gypsophila gameplay

7pk gypsophila introduction

In the early 1970s, gambling and video games were very popular in Taiwan, and “Taiwanese rooms” could be seen everywhere. At that time, the government had not yet swept away the gambling and video game industry, so gambling video games became a trend at the time, and it was also an interest and pastime for the Taiwanese who were at the peak of the economy at that time. So far, with the decline of the gambling and video game industry, the grand occasion of the past has not been seen, but the gambling video game has not disappeared. “7PK Starry Sky” is one of them. 7PK Gypsophila is abbreviated as “7PK”, and the 7PK gameplay is 7 cards and 4 betting opportunities in each round. Players decide whether to continue betting according to the 7PK formula. If you decide not to raise 7pk Stars, the machine will open all 7 cards. If there are cards that match the corresponding card shape, they will still follow the 7pk formula. Win odds.

7pk play │ 7pk card formula

Here I want to share with 7PK players, how is the Kowloon Club Casino online 7PK card formula calculated?

In fact, the calculation of the online 7PK with card formula is, the result = bet X odds

The editor will give a simple example of the online 7PK with card formula. Suppose you bet 200 to form a flush, then you can get:


During the card opening process, players can infer the possible face of the corresponding card by comparing the online 7PK with the card formula according to the card turned over:

The 1st card has the 5th card, the 3rd card has the 7th card, the 6th card pushes back the 2nd card, and the 4th card is a random electronic card, and the result is known only after the card is opened.

7pk play │ 7pk ratio
In addition to the basic betting of 7pk gameplay, when winning the medal shape in the 7pk machine, players can choose to participate in the 7pk multiplier mode. The big card means greater than 7; the small card means less than 7; if it is exactly equal to 7, it is a direct win. Multiply the winning score of the 7pk machine by 2. If you guess wrong, the bonus will be reset to zero, and there is no limit to the number of times you pass the level. After pressing the 7pk multiplier button, at least one 7pk multiplier round will be performed. Make a bet or directly press the open button to start another round of betting.

Understand the basic 7pk gameplay, so what are the 7pk tricks?

The above editor has roughly talked about the basic concepts of 7PK gameplay, so what 7PK skills can you refer to? 7pk gameplay simply means that the 7PK machine system will issue cards to players. Players need to use the 7 cards in their hands to form a group of cards that can win bonuses, such as straight flush, full house, iron, etc., and the 7PK skill is When the 7PK machine deals cards, you will get folded cards of unknown suits and numbers, so you need to carefully consider which suits and numbers those folded cards may be. For example: No. 1 card with No. 5 card, No. 3 card with No. 7 card, No. 6 card pushes back No. 2 card, No. 4 card is an electronic card that is randomly drawn, and the result is known only after the card is opened.