How to win money with fishing machine
How to win money with fishing machine

How to win money with fishing machine

Fishing machine winning method: This is a guide to cracking the fishing machine!

Is the fishing machine winning method really feasible? Recently, due to the severe epidemic situation, everyone is reluctant to stay outside for too long, not to mention the brick-and-mortar casinos, which have turned to online casinos to play fishing machine games. Fishing machine games are quite healing and cute games. Being able to make money is a game that combines all the advantages. You can use the turret to catch small fish, and when you hit a big fish, you can also earn red envelopes. At the same time, the visual effects are very rich. You know how to play in the fishing machine game. win money?

I have to say that the skills of fishing machine games are very high, such as how to use periodic fishing, etc., which are all interlinked. Today, let us tell you how to crack the strategy of fishing machines!

Fishing machine winning method – machine working principle cracking method

First of all, you must first establish a concept that the money you win in the fishing machine is not the money you win with the machine, but the money you win with other players. The fishing machine has 2 game mechanisms, for example, when When a player bets 100 game coins, they will start to withdraw proportionally as soon as they enter. This belongs to the pumping rate mechanism of the fishing machine. There is a chance to win, but if he wins a lot, it will be more difficult for you to win.

Fishing machine winning method – cycle timing cracking method

Then, we can use the fishing machine cycle introduced to you before to win money, use some small cannons to test which cycle is now, and carefully observe when it is the best time for the fish to fight, and then open it again. Cannons come full force and heavy cannons. You must flexibly switch between small cannons and cannons to accurately capture three cycles.

Finally, review the 3 cycles of the fishing machine for everyone

Leisure period: When the fishing machine is in the leisure period, no matter how you play, you will neither lose nor win, and will always be in a tie state, which is the so-called leisure period.
Eating staging: When the fishing machine is eating staging, no matter how you hit it, you will not be able to hit, even the fish that usually hits well. At this time, it is recommended that you shoot small fish with small cannons and observe when You can eat it at the end of the installment, or you can just sit back and watch the fish swim!
Vomiting stage: When the fishing machine is spitting and staging, even if you hit it, you will be hit, and the fish that are usually difficult to hit can even hit with one shot.

Summary of fishing machine winning methods

If you want to win money in the fishing machine game, it is nothing more than careful observation and careful strategy development. As long as you can understand the 3 cycles of the fishing machine, you have a chance to win the big prize. The angle of fishing can accurately design a set of exclusive fishing skills. If you are interested in this type of skills, we will introduce you in the next article. Fish Skills Revealed!