Online slot machine strategy teaching
Online slot machine strategy teaching

Online slot machine strategy teaching

Online slot machine strategy teaching: how to maximize the slot machine bonus?

Online Slots High Stakes vs. Low Stakes

The table below brings you the average winning rate of online slot machines after our big data statistics. You can observe that when the amount you want to bet is higher, the odds will increase accordingly. You can see when Every time you bet a higher amount, you get a higher return on your investment.

Slot machine betting amount average expected value
1cent 85%-88%
5cent 89%-91%
25cent 91%-94%
50cent 92%-95%
1 dollar 94%-96%
5 dollar 95%-98%

Then, you can observe a very interesting thing. From the above table, you can see that the more the middle option bet, the reward you can get is basically no difference at all, but when you bet to the highest amount At the same time, the rate of return you can get is significantly higher.

How do online slot machines use the maximum bet amount?

From the statistical results of the big data above, we can find that the online slot machine game will bring you the highest return on investment when you bet the highest amount, because online slot machines often fail to win the biggest prize. Proportional jumping mode, that is, if your income is completely the same proportion, such as: invest 1 yuan to get 2 yuan, invest 10 yuan to get 20 yuan, etc.), then you will find that the investment return of online slot machines is actually The rates are the same.

Because of this, we can sort out the information with high return rate of online slot machines:

When you bet “Cherry”, “BAR”, “Double BAR”, “Triple BAR”, the rate of return you can get is the same. You must also bear the risk of more monetary losses, so be sure to know whether your financial situation is allowed or not.

Five-reel slot machine single symbol can also win

Let’s say you don’t want to bet with the max bet today, but you can still have a chance to win a 5-reel online slot machine, because many online casinos know that investing a lot of money tends to deter online players, so they will still join Some loose conditions, that is, when you play an online five-reel slot machine, if a single symbol appears, you can also get part of your winnings back, and sometimes there are some hidden rewards, such as allowing you to get free spins The number of times, hidden bonuses, etc., please observe what special rewards can be brought before playing the slot machine, and then choose the online slot machine.