Slot Machine Tips and Tricks
Slot Machine Tips and Tricks

Slot Machine Tips and Tricks

The machine with the higher betting amount, the higher the winning amount

In foreign casinos, this situation is very obvious, that is, a machine with a larger bet amount must have a higher bonus than a machine with a smaller bet amount. But it doesn’t mean that everyone is suitable. In addition to looking at the rate of return on investment, it also depends on how deep your own pockets are. As the saying goes, don’t take that laxative if you don’t have that ass, and measure yourself before playing. funds.

When encountering a progressive slot machine, be sure to confirm the depth of your pocket first

Progressive slot machines, as the name suggests, means that every time you bet, the machine will grab a certain amount of money into the jackpot.

This kind of slot machine is that every time you must place the largest chip, when you win the jackpot, you can get the full top prize.

This means that if the slot machine is a 3 coin machine and you only flip 1 or 2 coins at a time, then it has no jackpot. Usually, this kind of machine has several layers of bonuses. When the player plays on the same machine for a long time, the machine will give you one by one from the smallest bonus.

The most attractive part of this kind of slot machine is its jackpot, and other bonuses will be relatively smaller than other types of machines, so when you decide to play this kind of machine, please bet every time You have to hit the max bet to get the chance to hit the jackpot, otherwise you’d be better off playing other types of machines.

Decide your play style and goals

The main attraction of progressive slot machines is the progressive jackpot, but relatively, the probability of each draw is very low, that is to say, he attracts you with super high bonuses, but can also quickly win you Pockets emptied.

There are other kinds of slot machines that use free spins to attract you, and they will give you some free spins. When you are free, you don’t have to pay any money at all, and sometimes you may win, but It is also possible that there is nothing.

Manage your money well

In fact, most of the time you play slot machines is to lose money, but if you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot, then congratulations, you can enjoy the rest of the time. But while you are playing, you must never do anything beyond your financial capabilities. Here is a statistical fund distribution rule to share with you:

You should divide your gambling bankroll by 300 to give you a chance to play for more than three hours, dividing your bankroll by 300 is the amount you can bet on each hand. First look at the amount of money you can bet on each hand, and then decide which type of machine you want to play.

Assuming that you can play 3 tokens per game, don’t go for a progressive machine with 5 tokens. One is that your funds will be consumed too quickly, and you cannot fight with the machine for a long time, and the other is that if your money is eaten up by the machine at once, you may want to invest more money to When you get back the money you lost, you will have a mental breakdown. To avoid these situations, be sure to calculate before playing.