Wonderful slot machine skills
Wonderful slot machine skills

Wonderful slot machine skills

Need to know these cool tricks on slot machines!

The most fascinating thing about slot machines is that they can exchange a small amount of money for a bigger price, so there will be slot machines in any country. I once paid 5,000 for only 100 yuan. This is the first time I tasted the sweetness of playing a slot machine. Later, I used 1,000 to play a 100,000 bonus. I was really scared. I thought 50 The bonus is already very high, but I didn’t expect it to hit 100 times this time!

Slot machine winning strategy

I remember that since I started playing 2 years ago to now, the highest record was 6,500,000 winnings with 5,000. I still deeply remember the mood of that night. At that time, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The goddess of luck really It’s coming, I have never played such a high multiple, 6500 times! Still excited to think about it! However, there are not many opportunities like this. It is only after I have played for a while that I have the opportunity to double my earnings. After playing for so long, although a small amount can increase the number of spins and pay a large amount of winnings, Really time consuming.

Every slot machine will have a middle value setting. When we play the game for a period of time, we can notice that it will jump back and forth in a certain score, but when we lengthen the time to 30-40 minutes, Wait, you will find that the score value actually declines slowly like a cable car. Usually, old players are more sensitive to scores, and they will stop decisively. For new players, they are new to the score, so they are not so sensitive to scores, so They will lose more badly.

Online slot machine gambling, long time to lose

No matter it is Macau casino or online casino, every time you play slot machines for a long time, you will lose every time. I have played a lot of online casinos in Macau, as for which platforms I will not say, so as not to cause some controversy, but every time I try Every time is the same result, that is, lose! Macau casino gives the impression that it is pure entertainment, and it is fun to have fun.

As for the online slot machine, the editor recently fell in love with a 3D electronic magic dragon legend! I have heard the sharing of senior experts who play Magic Dragon Legend. Between 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm, the winning rate and profit are the highest, but after that time, the winning rate will gradually decrease. But in general, the best time to play Dragon Legend is better late at night.

Magic Dragon Legend Skills

First of all, let me explain to you that the game of Dragon Legend is super easy to fill up! After it is full, no matter how advanced you are, there is no way to enter the game, so once you are lucky enough to enter the game, don’t just quit casually… You don’t know, there are many people who want to squeeze in and play!

As mentioned earlier, Dragon Legend is a bead-turning game like the Tower of Gods and Demons and the Dragon Puzzle, and it is also accompanied by different patterns for players to eliminate and score points. However, there are three patterns in the Dragon Legend game that must be paid special attention, that is, “Eye of the Dragon”, “Magic Array” and “Colorful Stone”.

First of all, the “Eye of the Dragon” is explained: as long as 3 eyes of the dragon appear, you can enter the free game. If 3 eyes of the dragon appear during the free game, 10 more free games will be added. unlimited.