Zebra Electronics! Sanxian fishing
Zebra Electronics! Sanxian fishing

Zebra Electronics! Sanxian fishing

Zebra Electronics! Sanxian Fishing Hidden Edition Raiders?

The Sanxian fishing machine is a very good fishing machine. There are many people playing it, and it ranks among the best in Zebra Electronics. Today, I will talk about the strategy of Sanxian fishing. It will show you the secret skills to make money and play catch easily. Fishing machine, count the money until your hands are soft.

Sanxian fishing, game screen

Sanxian Fishing has three halls, namely the Yuyu Hall in the 0.1 yuan field, the Fortune Hall in the 1 yuan field, and the Jufu Hall in the 10 yuan field. The probability of winning the lottery in the three halls is almost the same, which is very good. Ye Bian is all the way. From 10,000 yuan to 90,000 yuan, it is very profitable, and in Sanxian fishing, there are Qinglong, Jinlong and Sanxian. As long as the three are destroyed, you can get a high bonus. Seriously, Sanxian fishing does It’s really good, because as long as you use the lock, you can skip the fish in the front, and you can let the artillery fire directly hit the fish in the back. In other fishing machine games, you need to pay for this feature to lock, and Some locks will hit the fish in front, but fishing in Sanxian will not be possible, which is really a player’s welfare.

Sanxian fishing machine, game guide

The most famous of Sanxian fishing is this Sanxian. If you keep hitting him, you will keep paying out money, and it’s still a lot of money. Ye Bian, I tried this method, and only hit Sanxian, it really works, gold coins Jumping directly to tens of thousands, why is it the best to play Sanxian? It’s just because Sanxian won’t waste your gold coins, because she walks very slowly, and the game has a lock function, so you can hit him all the time. I’ve hardly ever encountered a state where Sanxian will run away. After hitting the money several times, I couldn’t do it anymore, so I stopped it. This is also a small cheat. Ye Bian doesn’t hit other fish, just hit the three immortals, and then you can make money. I envy Ye Bian. You, come and try it.