Electronic slot machine teaching
Electronic slot machine teaching

Electronic slot machine teaching

Slot machine teaching: the electronic game machine you can’t miss, this is your choice!

The charm of slot machines lies in the fact that you can win big with a small amount of money, and there are often unexpected harvests. The investment is small and the return is large. Just drop in a coin, pull it around, and with luck, you can make tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, there are also high-stakes slot machines (HighLimitSlots) and online slot machines (Megabucks), giving you a greater chance of winning.
Whether it is a Las Vegas slot machine or a Macau slot machine, the casino has spent a lot of ingenuity to design the environment, from the arrangement of the moving lines to the selection of carpets and lighting, all are the masterpieces of top psychologists, the purpose is to make it easier for customers Hooked, it is easier to spend money.

For example, when you are wandering in the casino, you will not encounter large left and right turns, because research has proved… When people turn left and right, the brain will automatically connect to your logic center, allowing you to rethink your current behavior. Mode, casinos don’t want this to happen, they want you to hang out in there without worry.

In the current casino, when it comes to the design of business psychology, the most exquisite craft is actually the slot machine, especially the current 15-wheel 9-line electronic machine, everything is designed to make it easier for you to relax and play continuously go down.

Electronic slot machine teaching: the highest principle of electronic machine design is time

A good 15-round slot machine electronic machine design, the highest reference is not how much money you make, but how long you can keep the guests playing. All lights, animations, and sound effects are to attract players, and at the same time allow players to play for a long time. Going down, the lighting should be attractive, but not dazzling after playing for a long time, and the sound effects should be interesting, but not irritating after listening for a long time, all these are applications of human behavior.

Slot machine teaching: a hundred years of evolution into a barbaric game electronic machine

The earliest slot machines appeared in 1895. There were only three reels and four different patterns. The earliest electronic machines appeared in 1975, but no one wanted to play them in the early days, because players felt that they could not see the actual reels. It’s terrible. This situation didn’t improve until the multi-line gameplay began in 1980. Since then, multi-line electronic machines have become mainstream, and online slot machines have also begun to appear around 1995. The current mainstream 15-wheel electronic machines, such as Water Margin and Savage Games, are mostly redesigned products after the computer reform in 2000.

Slot machine teaching: 15-wheel electronic machine that keeps throwing money

The earliest slot machines only had three reels. Pull them down and turn their eyes and stare. Players often play for a while and then leave. Game designers found that no matter how much, humans like the feeling of winning, so 15-wheel machines became popular, and multi-line betting. The method will prevent you from returning empty-handed. This psychological stimulation and feedback mechanism makes the popularity of slot machines to a higher level.