Electronic slot machine winning lines
Electronic slot machine winning lines

Electronic slot machine winning lines


Video Slot Auto Spins allow you to spin your current virtual bet without having to click the Spin button every time. To turn this feature on, press and hold the Spin button for a few seconds, then let go. Then the button should say “Auto” instead of “Rotate”.

To stop auto-spin, tap the Auto button. To spin normally without using auto-spin, just tap the spin button.

reel stop

By tapping the Spin button while the reels are still spinning, you can stop the reels faster than normal. If you are lucky, you might win! You can also use it to speed up the spin.

Virtual Payment Guide

To view the virtual payout guide in-game, click the menu button in the upper left corner and select an action method.

Electronic slot machine line number

Some electronic slot machines have twenty-five (25) paylines, while other slot machines have nine (9) paylines.

The “Row” button and the third page of the virtual payout guide will indicate the number of rows available for a given slot machine.

Electronic Slots When the number of paylines is locked, you can still change the virtual bet size by clicking the “+” and “-” buttons on either side of the total virtual bet indicator, which displays the rounded virtual bet amount. To max virtual bet, you can tap the “+” until you reach the max virtual bet available, or you can hold the “+” button for 3 seconds to switch to the max virtual bet immediately.

The chart below shows the possible win lines for twenty-five (25) and nine (9) slot machines.


Twenty-five (25) row slots

three lines